Make Some Room In Your Game Library For This Massive Overwatch Book


Are you a fan of Overwatch? We certainly wouldn't blame you if you were, since it's such a great multiplayer game with something to offer for everyone. And soon, you'll have access to a large art book that really shows you all the details regarding the game. No, seriously, all of them.

That's because the forthcoming The Art of Overwatch book is coming from Dark Horse Comics, and it packs a wallop. The Limited Edition is set to sell for $100 – usually an unheard of price for a book of this stature – but it comes with not only the eight-pound book itself, but also some other goodies, including three art prints, two display cases, a Tracer slipcase for the book, and a magnetically sealed box.

This book will contain a number of sketches from the game, including ones from updates like the Halloween update (and the appropriate costumes that come with it), as well as the Horizon Lunar Colony map that's been added to the game. No word yet if Doomfist made the cut, or any of the other new content introduced to Overwatch, but we don't see why it wouldn't be in there.

If you prefer, you can also get the regular book by itself, going for a much more affordable $50, but it's still huge, so you might want to make some room on your shelf for it. Like, the whole shelf.

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The book is set to arrive on October 24th, and is packed with all sorts of details. If you're up for it, you can actually pre-order the Limited Edition over at Amazon, and save $10 in the process, bringing the cost down to $90. The regular edition is also available for pre-order, going for a much more reasonable $31.44. (There's also a Kindle version available, if you want all the details, but none of the weight.)

It's a great deal, especially if you're an Overwatch fan that truly needs all things related to the game in your life, and that Limited Edition certainly looks spiffy, to say the least. Enjoy what this book has to offer, then get back to the game!


Overwatch is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.