Marvel Champions: Gamora Preview Reveals Versatile Abilities, Nebula Nemesis, and More

Marvel Champions is adding one of your favorite Guardians to the lineup in the lethal assassin known as Gamora, and now we have a new preview with details on how she'll play once she joins the roster. Gamora will come with 15 signature cards in her pre-built deck, which focuses on the Protection and Justice aspects, but Gamora can also include 6 Attack or Thwart Event Cards from other aspects in her deck, giving her even more customization options. Gamora is a balanced and versatile teammate, able to take care of Threat and deal damage in equal measure, and you can check out some of the options below.

Gamora's alter-ego ability is titled Skilled Tactician, which is what allows you those 6 aspect cards, but her Alter-Ego also has an action that lets you look at the top card of your deck and draw it if it fits into that Attack or Thwart Event category. If you flip to her Hero side, you can utilize Finesse or Precision to add either an additional Thwart or Attack to your chosen action, meaning if you play your cards right you can always deal both kinds of damage.

(Photo: Fantasy Flight)

Gamora can remove several Threat at once using the Impede card, and then since that's a Thwart event you could trigger Precision to deal some damage. You could then get Impede back in your hand if you used Keen Instincts the previous round, and if that happens you then have another resource to spend. That would help you afford Decisive Blow, and based on previous Thward Events you've played, this could end up dealing around 7 damage. Then, since this is an Attack Event, you would trigger Finesse, which would remove 1 more Threat from the Scheme.

There are plenty of combos like that in Gamora's deck, so you're able to find the combos that fit your play style, and Gamora even has cards like First Hit or Crosscounter that allow you to trigger abilities during the villain's turn.

(Photo: Fantasy Flight)

Things get even more interesting when it comes to Gamora's allies, which include her sister Nebula. Thing is, you can also end up battling Nebula, mimicking their rather up-and-down family history from the comics. If you have Nebula as an ally, she allows you to search your deck for a Thwart or Attack Event, which will help you trigger more abilities during your turn.

However, she can also end up facing you as a Nemesis, which would not only immediately discard your Ally version but also features a Retaliate 2 skill that will be troublesome, especially since she has a health of 5.


You can add the Gamora Hero Pack to Marvel Champions when it hits stores in May.

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