Marvel Champions Announces Nebula as Next Hero

Fantasy Flight Games will add Nebula as its next Marvel Champions hero. Details about the Nebula [...]

Fantasy Flight Games will add Nebula as its next Marvel Champions hero. Details about the Nebula Hero Pack was announced earlier today, which will add Nebula as a playable hero along with a pre-constructed deck that can be used immediately in any Marvel Champions game. Nebula's deck is built as a parallel of sorts to her sister Gamora, which is also available as a playable Marvel Champions hero. Nebula's signature ally is Gamora, and she also has at least one card that can only be played when Gamora is in play either as an ally or as another player's character. Similar to how Nebula is both Ally and Nemesis to Gamora, Gamora is also Nebula's signature Nemesis, thus representing the tense relationship the two characters share with each other.

Marvel Champions is a living card game starring the heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe. Players can either use a pre-constructed deck from a Hero Pack or build their own deck using one primary Hero and cards from one of four aspects and then play through either standalone scenarios or campaigns consisting of multiple scenarios. To date, the game has introduced heroes like Captain America, Thor, and Ms. Marvel, along with iconic villains like Green Goblin and Kang the Conqueror.

Nebula's deck revolves around the use of special Techniques that can be added to Nebula as playable upgrades. Each technique has a passive ability and a Special ability that automatically resolves at the start of Nebula's turn if she's in hero mode via the use of her special "Combat Protocols" ability. However, once a technique's Special ability is triggered via Combat Protocol, that technique is automatically discarded. There are cards in Nebula's deck that allows her to activate Special abilities more than once, thus drawing out even more use out of each Technique.

While in her alter-ego mode, Nebula gets to draw cards whenever a Technique card is played. This allows Nebula to cycle through her deck and pull out Technique cards quickly. Some cards also give Nebula the ability to add Technique cards back into her deck once they've been discarded. The key to using Nebula effectively is switching between alter-ego and hero forms to built up Techniques and then unleashing their special abilities at the most opportune times.

The Nebula Hero pack also comes with several new Justice Aspect cards, including the Ally card Venom. Venom will also be introduced as a playable Hero in Marvel Champions soon, but the Ally card is especially effective when there is no threat on a villain's main scheme.

Nebula continues a slate of cosmic-themed Marvel Champion releases. Heroes like Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, and Venom are either available or will be released via Hero Packs in the coming months, and players can also choose between two different cosmic campaigns. Galaxy's Most Wanted is available now and includes Hero cards for Rocket and Groot, while The Mad Titan's Shadow will be released later this summer and will pit players against Thanos and the Black Order.

The Nebula Hero Pack for Marvel Champions will be released later this year.