'Marvel's Spider-Man' Has One Easter Egg Nobody Seemed to Notice

Marvel’s Spider-Man on the PlayStation 4 has all kinds of Easter eggs to look for, and many of [...]

Marvel's Spider-Man on the PlayStation 4 has all kinds of Easter eggs to look for, and many of them relate to other properties within Marvel's sprawling universe of heroes and villains. There is one Easter egg that's not Marvel-related though and isn't nearly as obvious, and it therefore appears to have gone undetected by players. Elan Ruskin, a senior engine programmer with Insomniac Games, revealed the Marvel's Spider-Man secret at an appropriate time on Twitter.

The Easter egg Ruskin revealed is centered around the game's many pedestrians who roam the streets while Spider-Man does his thing. Specifically, it has to do with Orthodox Jews that are occasionally found throughout the city. If you go try to find these characters on a Saturday though, you won't have any luck since the NPCs don't go out on that day.

Many people replying to Ruskin's tweet picked up on the meaning of the Easter egg immediately, but for those who didn't, others were there to explain. The absence of these NPCs is because of the Sabbath falling on Saturday, a day when many Jewish individuals elect not to work or go out.

This Easter egg is just one of many that players have already found in Marvel's Spider-Man in the months that it's been out, and there are probably still some more that remain undiscovered. There's a nod to the Fantastic Four in the game which many players caught onto not long after the game released. Players also found references to both Seinfeld and another which references characters from Grand Theft Auto IV, but you'll only see the latter if you're paying close attention during one mission.


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