Marvel's Avengers Fans Want To See Devil Hulk in the Game

Marvel's Avengers was revealed to the world last month at E3 2019, however, the big unveiling didn't reveal any villains for the game other than Taskmaster and Abomination. And developer Crystal Dynamics hasn't revealed any since. And not only do we hardly know anything of the game's cast of villains, but we still don't know who will be its antagonist. It seems like Taskmaster will have a meaty role, but he probably isn't the game's central villain. Unfortunately, we may not find out who is for awhile, and so in the meantime fans have been expressing who they'd like to see. And over on the game's Reddit page, some have expressed their desire to see Devil Hulk as the game's antagonist, or at least see the character in the game in some capacity.

For those that don't know: Devil Hulk is an evil, demon-esq Hulk that mocks the Savage Hulk for being a "frightened child" and for not being strong enough to coexist. The Devil Hulk is also much more dark and much more sinister than the average Hulk incarnation. Think about it this way: if Savage Hulk is Bruce Banner's inner rage, than Devil Hulk is Banner's inner evil. As for his powers, he can do everything the Hulk is capable of, but obviously is capable of acting evil, which can give him a leg up. Devil Hulk is also very cunning, sometimes has elemental powers, can perform Terrakinesis, and is really good at getting in the heads of opposition.

As for why fans want to see him, well, the original poster points out he'd be a great villain for both Hulk and the Avengers as the terrifying force created from Bruce Banner's guilt after A-Day. Meanwhile, another user suggests that he could make an excellent raid-style mission.


Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing some of Hulk's incarnations in the game. I think that could create for an interesting side thread and some excellent one-on-one battles between Hulk and whatever other incarnation he's fighting. However, I don't think the character would make for a great main antagonist. For that role, I'd like to see Doctor Doom or maybe Galactus.

Marvel's Avengers is poised to release next year on May 15 via the PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia. For more news, media, and information on the single-player action game meets co-op live service title, be sure to check all of our previous and exhaustive coverage of the Marvel adventure by clicking right here. In related news, we recently published an article revealing the five villains we want to see in the game -- check it out here.

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