Marvel's Avengers Insider Shares Worrying Update About Future

It sounds like Marvel's Avengers' time on earth is coming to an end soon. There's no one who will deny that the Avengers game has not gone to plan for Crystal Dynamics. And there are a variety of reasons why the game has failed to live up to expectations. For one, it's not very good. Two, its post-launch support has been fairly lackluster and often too slow-moving. And three it also just missed out on peak Avengers hype both in timing and by distancing itself from the MCU as much as possible. It's unclear how many still play the game, but Crystal Dynamics continues to support it. Again, this support isn't the most robust post-launch support, but it's something. That said, it sounds like even this is coming to an end.

Speaking during The Lunch Table Podcast, Marvel's Avengers insider and leaker, Miller, relayed rumblings he's heard that suggest the sun may soon set on the Marvel game. When asked about whether or not we will get a big post-launch moment that rejuvenizes the game and brings in new players, Miller had the following reply:

"I got to tell you, I'm not sure we ever will," said Miller. "There's only so much that I can say. I've had conversations in the last few weeks that paint a rather grim picture of the future."

Miller continued: "I was on record a few months ago saying I don't think we're going to make it to the 4.0 update series. I really don't see it. I mean, that's over a year away. We still have the whole 3.0 update series to get through."


For what it's worth, this lines up with a few rumblings we've heard as well. From what we understand, a skeleton crew is all that remains working on the game and with other projects ramping up at Crystal Dynamics, this crew is getting smaller and smaller. We wouldn't be incredibly surprised if Winter Soldier ends up being the final DLC character, though She-Hulk remains rumored to be coming as well.