New Marvel's Avengers Gameplay Details Revealed

Yesterday, Square Enix re-announced The Avengers Project, which is now called Marvel's Avengers. [...]

Yesterday, Square Enix re-announced The Avengers Project, which is now called Marvel's Avengers. Further, it confirmed the game will finally be revealed at E3 2019 after more than two years of silence since its initial announcement. Unfortunately, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics didn't divulge any further details on the game, but thankfully some have emerged. E3 Coliseum has confirmed that the game will be getting a special panel on Tuesday June 11. And while it has since deleted the game details that accompanied the blurb about the panel, the Internet keeps a receipt of everything.

"This is the defining Avengers gaming experience," read the blurb. "An epic action-adventure that combines cinematic storytelling with continuous single-player and co-operative gameplay." The blurb also notes assembling teams of up to four players, extraordinary abilities, hero customization, combining powers, and an "ever-expanding" world that is constantly under threat.

So, what does this mean? Well these details seem to suggest the game will be playable both in single-player form and via co-op, similar to games like The Division. There's also some jargon in there that suggests live-service features and room for monetization via cosmetic items. And all of this lines-up with what we've heard about the game in the past, which sounds very much like it will be chasing after that games-as-a-service model many have been taking a crack at, and many of which have been failing at.

Unfortunately, not too much else can be divulged from the blurb, but thankfully we'll know much more about the game soon. The title is poised to be revealed on June 10 during Square Enix's presser, and then will get even more information a day later during the Coliseum panel.

Anyway, as you wait for more on the game, be sure to peep all of our previous and extensive coverage of the title by clicking right here. And, as always, feel free to leave a comment letting us know what you think or hit me up on Twitter @Tyler_Fischer_ and let me know over there. What do you hope to see from Marvel's Avengers?