Marvel's Avengers Stream Will Reveal New Gameplay and Co-Op Details

A new look at Marvel’s Avengers will be seen on June 24th where gameplay, trailers, story [...]

A new look at Marvel's Avengers will be seen on June 24th where gameplay, trailers, story details, and more will be revealed, Square Enix and Marvel announced this week. Dubbed the Marvel's Avengers "War Table" stream, the June event will be the first insights we've seen into the new superhero game in quite some time. A preview of some of the gameplay and other content that we'll see in the stream was shown during a teaser trailer for the first War Table event, but we'll hopefully see more on what to expect from the stream as we get closer to the stream's premiere.

As announced via the Marvel's Avengers social media channels, the War Table stream will feature gameplay and coverage on the game's co-op features. The teaser video acknowledged how quiet it's been on the Marvel's Avengers front lately as well as concerns that the game would be delayed again like so many entertainment products have been because of the coronavirus. The fact that the point was even addressed at all in the teaser indicates that things are on track still for a September release, but as we've seen, things could always change.

Some snippets of gameplay were seen during the preview trailer itself. We see the main cast of the Avengers utilizing their unique strengths as well as some different outfits they'll wear that are inspired by classic looks.

Aside from the gameplay itself, we'll also know more about the game's story as well as details on how the co-op system works. Some info on that has been shared previously to confirm that character stacking won't be an option and that the game's campaign mode is only single-player, but we haven't heard much about the multiplayer mode other than that. Living out the fantasy of assembling as the iconic Avengers team with your friends is one of the parts of Marvel's Avengers that players have been most looking forward to, so hopefully the details shown in the stream will live up to those expectations.

It's also worth noting that the Marvel's Avengers event in June will be the "first" War Table stream which indicates that we'll see more of these in the future. There's still a while to go before the game releases in September, so expect to see more updates like this one releasing as we get closer to September 4th.