Marvel's Avengers Reveals New Gameplay Featuring Return of Thor

The first Marvel’s Avengers War Table event took place this week to introduce players to a [...]

The first Marvel's Avengers War Table event took place this week to introduce players to a Thor-focused mission showing off some of the hero's unique abilities and gameplay style. Thor's mission titled "Once an Avengers" featured the character picking up his hammer once again to return to battle and help his former allies against the threat of AIM. This gameplay segment's release marks the first time in a while we've seen actual gameplay from Marvel's Avengers, though it apparently had the HUD and other on-screen affects removed to focus on the gameplay and Thor's Heroics which are the special moves he's able to charge up and use.

Following the setup we've seen already from the fallout after the A-Day catastrophe, Thor's hammer was resting at the base of the memorial statue erected for Captain America. Thor was volunteering instead of fighting at first but called upon his hammer to save civilians and aid his former allies while tearing through AIM's forces.

The gameplay can be seen in the video below with additional commentary provided in the full War Table stream.

As we've seen in the past, heroes are able to adopt different playstyles depending on how players configure their gear and abilities. This version of Thor we see uses a mix of short and long-range attacks to bludgeon enemies nearby him with the hammer after casting bolts of lightning out at those farther away. His blows from Mjolnir allow him to stun enemies based on what's seen in the trailer, and he's able to grapple when he's up close to them to overload enemies with energy.

Later in the video, commentary provides more insight into some of Thor's special moves. These moves are called "Heroics" in Marvel's Avengers and come in three different forms: Assault, Support, and Ultimate. Thor's Assault Heroic appears to be a burst of energy from his hammer that pushes enemies back and stuns them while his Support Heroic grants allies temporary invulnerability after being near him when he uses the ability. Thor's Ultimate Heroic allows him to call upon the power of the Bifrost to bypass enemy shields and deal major damage with lingering effects continuing to hit those who survive the initial attack.

A separate story trailer was also released to provide more insights into the game's narrative. We also caught a new look at another villain who'll be present in the game alongside M.O.D.O.K.

Marvel's Avengers is scheduled to release on September 3rd with a beta coming before that.