Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Could Contain Highly-Requested New Feature

It looks like Marvel's Spider-Man 2, which is the forthcoming sequel to Insomniac's popular PlayStation game, could contain a feature that many fans have been asking for. As of this past week, the original Marvel's Spider-Man finally came to PC for those on Steam and the Epic Games Store. And while the game has already proven to be a big hit, it looks like some data within the PC version could tease plans that Insomniac has for the future. 

Spotted by user DniweTamp, the code within the PC iteration of Marvel's Spider-Man contains mentions of a co-op feature for the game. While Marvel's Spider-Man itself contains no co-op functionality, clearly, Insomniac was at one point toying around with the idea of multiplayer that would allow one player to play as Peter Parker while the other controls Miles Morales. The appearance of this code in Marvel's Spider-Man on PC is quite curious, and while it's not known what it might indicate, some fans have immediately assumed that co-op could be something that shows up in Marvel's Spider-Man 2

It's worth stressing that although we know very little about Marvel's Spider-Man 2 right now, Insomniac and PlayStation have already previously stated that the sequel is a "single-player adventure". As such, this would seem to imply that there are no multiplayer or co-op plans of any sort for Marvel's Spider-Man 2

The appearance of this code could also suggest that Insomniac was at one point simply working on co-op to appear in Marvel's Spider-Man but later scrapped these plans for one reason or another. It's hard to know why the code for the game mentions two-player functionality in any capacity, but perhaps we'll learn more about why this is the case in the future. 

For the time being, all we know about Marvel's Spider-Man 2 with certainty is that it should release in 2023 on PlayStation 5. If new details about the game come about in the near future, we'll be sure to let you know here on

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