Marvel's Spider-Man Has A Nintendo Easter Egg, Featuring Donkey Kong and Yoshi

donkey kong spider-man

It has been exactly two weeks since Marvel's Spider-Man released onto PlayStation 4, yet, players are still unearthing easter egg after easter egg. The latest: a little nod to Nintendo, specifically to the original bad guy, Donkey Kong, and to Mario's favorite sacrifice, Yoshi.

The easter egg was discovered by Reddit user "jakekert" and features two in-game stores called "dkmobile" and "Yoshio." The former is an alternate universe version of T-Mobile, where the founder was a huge Donkey Kong fan, while the latter simply sounds like some seriously good froyo.

Is this a nod at Nintendo? (DK and Yoshi) from r/SpidermanPS4

Some may say this isn't an easter egg, but what are the chances there's a DK and Yoshi shop right next to each other? Almost zero.

Unfortunately, the Reddit user doesn't disclose where this easter egg is, but now that you know it exists it shouldn't be too challenging to find.

I personally explored Insomniac's rendition of Manhattan for countless hours, but never came across this easter egg, which is a testament to how many easter eggs the game has and how dense with content and references its world is. However -- like many -- I mostly explored Manhattan well above street level, which perhaps explains why I and so many others may have missed this one.

Marvel's Spider-Man is available exclsuively for PlayStation 4. For more news, media, and information on the game as well as all things Spidey, click here. For more on what the game is about, here's an official elevator pitch:

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