'Marvel's Spider-Man's Creative Director Explains Why The Symbiote Suit Isn't In The Game

symbiote red

If there is one suit missing from Marvel's Spider-Man that fans seem most upset about: it's the symbiote suit, also known as the black suit.

One of Spidey's most popular costumes, including it in the game seems like an obvious an easy decision, so why didn't Insomniac Games add it? Well, speaking to Kinda Funny Games Funny Games, Creative Director Bryan Intihar revealed why.

When asked by Kinda Funny Games' Greg Miller, who is wearing a black suit t-shirt, why the suit isn't in the game, Intihar revealed that it didn't feel like the right time.

"I think something like that suit (symbiote suit) deserves its day in the spotlight," said Intihar. "I think just making it an unlockable suit wouldn't be doing it justice. It's one of the best stories for Spider-Man. I think it's a complex story. And I think it's a story that needs to be told, and it needs to be told the way Insomniac would tell it."

As you can see, Intihar seemingly drops that the symbiote suit, and the larger story around it, will be involved in the series' future, perhaps as soon as the next game. Or at least that sounds like the plan. Things can change, but for now, it sounds like Insomniac wants to tell that story.

If you want, you can read more about the symbiote costume and its history right here.


Now, if you saw the post-credits scene with Norman and Harry Osborn, you will know that Insomniac Games was obviously teasing the symbiote and Venom, though whether this will manifest in the second and third game, who knows. But this statement from Intihar further validates that this is indeed where the series is heading.


Marvel's Spider-Man is available, exclusively, for the PlayStation 4. For more, news, media, and information on the game and all things Spidey, be sure to peep our previous coverage of the title by clicking here.

In other recent and related news, during the same talk with Kinda Funny Games, Intihar teased another popular suit, Bombastic Bag-Man, may soon be coming to the game.