Mass Effect Director Teases Fate of Popular Character in New Game

Mass Effect fans may not be able to hand this Liara T'Soni news.

The new Mass Effect game is years away. In fact, it's reasonable to assume based on historical trends and the current information we have that Mass Effect 4 or Mass Effect 5 or whatever it ends up actually being called will not even be a PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, but a game on the PS6 and next Xbox. This isn't a certainty, let alone a strong possibility, but it's possible with how long Dragon Age: Dreadwolf is taking to come out and the fact that the next Mass Effect is only in pre-production. Until it comes out, and until BioWare reveals more of the game, fans have lots of questions. 

So far, it's unclear if Commander Shepard is going to be in the game in any capacity. We know it's a possibility considering that Liara T'Soni of the first three games is in the new title, and seemingly a prominent character. Alongside the likes of Garrus Vakarian, Tali'Zorah, Wrex, and a couple of others, the Asari is a fan-favorite Mass Effect character. Naturally, people are curious what's come of the character since the events of Mass Effect 3. To this end, BioWare director Michael Gamble isn't saying much. 

"There's been a question burning a hole in my heart since this dropped," reads a comment from a Mass Effect fan on Twitter, directed at Gamble. "Everyone asked why is Liara there, why is she uncovering a N7 insignia, who are the crew in the distance and what alien races are they, etc. But what I want to know, is Liara happy all these years later?"

Gamble decided to respond to this question, saying "Happy...I mean. Depends.". This is obviously a pretty cryptic tease with some potential major implications. We won't dive into the implications of it, as there are many in various directions, but many Mass Effect fans are now a little worried for their favorite Asari. 

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