Microsoft Introduces New Ads For Its Mixer Streaming Service

Microsoft recently rebranded and re-released its streaming service, doing away with the previous [...]

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Microsoft recently rebranded and re-released its streaming service, doing away with the previous Beam name in favor of the more adaptable Mixer, and today it released a pair of new ads hyping up its streaming capabilities, in a "if you didn't stream it, it didn't happen" sort of logic.

In one of the commercials, we actually get to see a double rainbow, "just like on the Internet." But a poor sap at the local mini-mart manages to glimpse a lot more than that, as he ends up fixing a leprechaun closely guarding a pot of gold. However, once the little guy realizes that the jig (not a pun) is up, he drops a smoke bomb, loads up his gold, and hauls ass in his van, leaving the poor patron stunned. That ad is below.

Not to be outdone, the second commercial features a golfer who makes a not-so-casual shot on the course, bouncing off a couple of different trees before the ball lands in the hole. He cheers on his accomplishment, then immediately asks for vindication from other nearby golfers – only they don't have a clue what he's talking about, leaving him bewildered and asking other people. Again, the whole "it didn't happen" logic plays in with the Mixer's services here. (That doesn't stop him from going "THIS GUYYYYYY!" tho.

These two are improvements over the original ad that debuted late last week, in which aliens paid a visit to a guy playing games on his PC, only to have a penchant for his chicken wings. He helps them out a little bit as they dip it in the blue cheese, only to disappear shortly thereafter. Once again, the player asks for some kind of verification, noting, "Please tell me you guys saw that." Of course, no response.

These ads do a pretty good job of hyping Microsoft's new service, though it does have a ways to go in order to catch up with the mighty juggernaut that is Twitch. It does have some interesting features, and it's very easy to stream from the likes of Xbox One and Windows 10, but, again, there's a huge Twitch community that has yet to be overcome. We'll see how the service does over the next few months.

In the meantime, we're doing research on whether or not aliens like buffalo wings. They do travel quite a ways, y'know.