Microsoft Reportedly Considering Discord Purchase

Discord has apparently reached out to multiple potential buyers, and Microsoft is reported to be [...]

Discord has apparently reached out to multiple potential buyers, and Microsoft is reported to be "in the running" to purchase the company for more than $10 billion. That reporting comes from sources for Bloomberg, but it should be noted that the piece also states that "no deal is imminent." One of Bloomberg's sources also states that it would be more likely that Discord will go public, as opposed to selling to a larger company. Microsoft is apparently looking for "assets that would provide access to thriving communities of users," which is the reason the company had previously expressed an interest in TikTok and Pinterest Inc.

Bloomberg also states that Xbox boss Phil Spencer has been involved with talks related to a potential purchase. That certainly makes a lot of sense, as Discord began life in 2015 primarily as a video game chat service. Over the years, users have found quite a few different ways to take advantage of the service. Last year, founders Jason Citron and Stan Vishnevskiy announced a new slogan for the company and a rebrand as a service for everyone, while still appealing to gamers.

A purchase from Microsoft would be a bit surprising, considering the $7.5 billion the company recently spent on Bethesda Studios and its parent company ZeniMax Media. That deal was just finalized earlier this month. Microsoft certainly has the money to spend, but it remains to be seen whether or not Discord would fit with the company's future plans. In addition to Microsoft, Discord has apparently been in talks with Epic Games and Amazon.

For now, Discord users will just have to see what the future will bring! It's entirely possible that Microsoft might not see a benefit in purchasing the company, or that another company might be willing to make a better offer. With nothing currently finalized, a lot can happen! It's certainly possible that Discord will opt to go public, instead. The service has clearly come to mean a lot to users over the last six years, and its founders obviously have a vision for the company's future. Whether or not Discord will continue to expand as a service for all, however, remains to be seen.

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