Midway Gaming Box Set To Drum Up Nostalgic Memories

We love retro gaming stuff just as much as you are. Ask me about my denim Dreamcast jacket or, for that matter, the Joust gaming backpack that I take with me on smaller events. But now Entertainment Earth is offering up a package of old-school goodness that fans of the classic Midway era won’t want to miss.

The package, which can be found here, is available for pre-order at $29.99 and is set to ship sometime in November. It’s chock full of memories from classic Midway games from the 1980’s, including Rampage, which has since gone on to become a big-screen flick featuring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. (You can check it out on home video now.)

The package is pictured below, and here’s what all you get with it:

  • A Rampage journal featuring the three monsters on the cover
  • A Defender teeny-tin that resembles a small lunchbox
  • A Joust bumper sticker
  • A Defender bumper sticker (though Gauntlet seems to be shown in the picture)
  • A Paperboy sheet magnet
  • A Joust Boinger vinyl figure
  • A Spy Hunter pin
  • A collectible box that resembles a classic arcade game

The box set should ship sometime in November, though an exact date hasn’t been given just yet.

It appears that this is Midway’s (or rather WB’s, who owns most if not all of Midway’s assets) way of jumping into the “loot box” style business, in which packages are sent out to fans featuring items from their favorite games. No word yet if we’ll be getting more Midway-themed boxes after this one, as it may pretty much depend on how this one sells.


Still, if video game nostalgia is your thing, this package certainly looks to be worth it with a number of items that would sit comfortably on your desk or in your gaming cave, right next to your Midway arcade games (if you own any, that is). And we know those bumper stickers would look cool strapped on to our car, just to show off our video game geekhood.

So if old-school gaming is your thing, or you just remember plunking quarter after quarter in your local Joust machine, head on over and give this box a purchase!

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