Minecraft Dungeons Adding Big New Feature Next Week

On November 17th, Minecraft Dungeons fans will be able to enjoy cross-platform play across all of the game's various versions. The official Twitter account for Minecraft Dungeons made the announcement, and it should come as welcome news for fans of the dungeon-crawling spin-off. The timing certainly helps; cross-platform play will arrive in Minecraft Dungeons just a few short weeks before the game's Howling Peaks DLC pack releases early next month. Now, players will have the opportunity to explore the game's third DLC pack with a greater pool of friends, no matter which platform they might have purchased the game on!

The Tweet from the game's official Twitter account can be found embedded below.

While some platforms were hesitant to embrace cross-play earlier in the current console generation, over the last few years, it has become a standard of the video game industry. The reality is, developers and publishers have a lot to gain from allowing players to enjoy games with one another across different platforms. It can have a major impact on a game's potential multiplayer audience, which also gives the game greater longevity. The success of cross-platform play has also given developers and publishers incentive to pursue other advances, such as cross-saves. While cross-saves have not quite caught on in the same manner, it's clear that developers and publishers are looking for more ways to unify the gaming experience across platforms, and make the experience more pleasant for players as a whole.

For those unfamiliar with Minecraft Dungeons, the title is a dungeon-crawler with hack-and-slash gameplay, meant to evoke titles like Diablo. The game currently supports four-player couch and online co-op, and the latter will soon support cross-platform play. With the game's procedurally-generated dungeons, players across all the game's platforms should have plenty of reasons to keep exploring dungeons together!


Minecraft Dungeons is set currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the game right here.

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