Minecraft Dungeons Has a Really Cool Easter Egg For Diablo 2 Fans

Minecraft Dungeons is Mojang Studios' take on classic hack-and-slash dungeon crawlers. As such, the game owes a lot to games like Diablo II, so it might not be surprising for fans of both games to discover that Minecraft Dungeons features a neat homage. In Diablo II, there is a secret level that can be accessed, filled with Hell Bovines. These creatures are cows that stand upright, and use halberds to attack players. Minecraft Dungeons features a similar secret area, where players are attacked by a number of rampaging cows. Notably, these ones do not come bearing sharpened weapons, but they do seem to be terrifying in their own unique way!

The secret cow area in Minecraft Dungeons can only be accessed after completing the main game. There is a drawbridge that is near the player's camp that cannot be passed beforehand. Once it can be navigated, players will find a church. The church is adorned with pixel images of the development team, as well as a dog. There is also a button that has spaces for ten runes, which must be found throughout the levels. Interacting with the dog painting will provide hints about where each of the runes can be found in the game's levels.

Once the runes have been collected from each of the levels, players can press the button surrounded by the Runes. This will grant them access to the "Moo?" secret level. This area features cow opponents, but instead of wielding halberds, the red cows inside seem to have been driven mad by mushrooms. Defeating the cows inside will grant players loot, but the inside joke is probably the real reward, here!

It's always neat to see developers paying tribute to one another, in this way. The video game industry is fairly small, and winks and nods such as these have been common throughout the history of the medium. It's certainly a nice way to help gamers feel connected with one another, while also giving new fans an incentive to learn more about that history.


Minecraft Dungeons is set to release on May 26th. The game will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC.

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