MLB The Show 23 Update 14 Full Patch Notes Released

MLB The Show 23 Update 14 rolls in Update 13 for big important changes.

MLB The Show 23 hasn't had an update in a bit now because Update 13 was delayed from its usual release. However, the developers at San Diego Studios are making good on that delay by rolling Update 13 into Update 14, which is set to launch tomorrow. The update isn't as substantial as some of them have been in the past, but it does fix several pesky issues that have been plaguing specific modes, while also finally giving Jackson Holliday an updated face model.

Holliday's new face model might not seem like a big deal, but as one of the hottest prospects in the minors, he has a real chance to make his debut in the majors later this season. Outside of his big change, Diamond Dynasty players will also be happy to see that SDS has addressed the pitcher energy problem two-way players were having, making it function properly. The devs have also fixed a bug that was letting users add duplicate players to their squad. It's not all in Diamond Dynasty though. MLB The Show 23 is also getting 65 new props for the Stadium Creator that all fit into the Dino Island theme. Speaking of creating stadiums, those will no longer be usable during PlayStation 5 tournaments, which is great news for competitive players.

Update 14 hits MLB The Show 23 on August 8. Below, you can find the full patch notes.

NOTE: Game update 13 has been merged into this update 1.14.  


  • In an update later in the week, Jackson Holliday will be given a brand-new face model. 


  • Pitcher energy for two-way players will now function properly when they enter a game from the bullpen. 
  • Fixed a bug which allowed users to swap to a different squad during the matchmaking process using the companion app or website. 
  • Fixed an issue which allowed duplicate players to be added to a squad in the Manage Squad screen. 


  • Fixed multiple variations of freezes that were seen in 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3. 


  • Added over 65 new props as part of the Dino Island theme. 


  • Lineup changes made during the last screen before loading into a game will now be accurately reflected once the game starts. 
  • Created Stadiums are no longer eligible. 


  • Various presentation and commentary updates. 


  • There are no gameplay or live content balance changes at this time.