Monster Hunter Rise Has a Big Melding Pot Bug, Capcom Responds

Capcom recently fixed a Monster Hunter Rise bug which was affecting the players' save data in a problematic way, but that's not the only bug the developer has its eyes on. In a statement released on Thursday, Capcom confirmed suspicions by saying there was an issue with the game's Melding Pot feature regarding the Talismans it produces. Capcom said it's working on the bug and will share more information as it becomes available whenever the root of the issue has been discovered.

The statement from Capcom was issued on the Monster Hunter site as the developer and publisher typically does for the more pressing issues regarding its games. Capcom didn't go into great detail about the bug other than saying that it "results in the same Talismans being produced in the exact same order" and said that a fix was being looked into.

"We have confirmed a bug for some players when using 'Melding—Wisp of Mystery; that results in the same Talismans being produced in the exact same order," Capcom said. "We are currently looking into the cause and how to fix it, so we will post another notification as soon as we find out more."

The developer apologized for any inconvenience the issue may have caused in Monster Hunter Rise and thanked players for their patience while the matter is looked into.

This bug isn't quite as frustrating as the save data one since that was affecting players' entire games, but it's still one that warranted a statement from Capcom regardless. The first bug got fixed relatively quickly considering the game itself hasn't been out that long now, so perhaps this next one will follow suit and be resolved quickly as well.


In the meantime, players should make sure they pick up an item pack Capcom is giving away to celebrate a sales milestone the game reached recently. It comes with more than a few helpful items to assist players in their hunts, but you have to go claim it in-game and won't see it simply added to your inventory.

Monster Hunter Rise is now available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.