Analyst Believes That Monster Hunter World Will Be A Big Seller Worldwide

Monster Hunter World

We're just a few weeks out from the arrival of Capcom's Monster Hunter World, its sprawling open-world adventure that promises to go leaps and bounds over previous entries, thanks to the power of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. (The PC version won't be arriving until sometime in Autumn.) But there are those that believe the game will be a tremendous hit, just like the previous Monster Hunter games before it.

Per this report from DualShockers, Hirokazu Hamamura, who serves as the president of Weekly Famitsu's publisher Enterbrain, as well as its editor-in chief, has provided an analysis on the forthcoming sequel, and believes it will be one of 2018's biggest sellers, if not the biggest seller.

He noted that the game has the potential to sell 10 million units worldwide over the course of the year, although sales won't likely reach that high until the Steam/PC version arrives later in the year. He expects it to be popular mostly in Japan, as the previous open beta test for the game was a big hit with its audience there – although lots of U.S. gamers love it as well. He noted that pre-orders are already above Capcom's expectations, though it wasn't noted just what those were.

He also believes that the game will also sell more PlayStation 4 systems, as players have been waiting for it to come to that console for some time. Note that he didn't mention the Xbox One, which isn't currently doing so hot in Japan.

Hamamura also provided some other analysis on games, noting that Final Fantasy XV has managed to ship seven million copies since its release worldwide, noting that it was a "huge success" for Square Enix, despite doubts that it would underperform at best. He also noted Japanese games as a whole are doing well worldwide, with NieR: Automata serving as a primary example, alongside PlayStation 4's Nioh and Atlus' Persona 5, which had a huge following in the United States.


So there you have it. Some big games shifted numbers last year, and Monster Hunter World is expected to do the same when the game launches for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on January 26th.