Monster Hunter World: How to Unlock Horizon Zero Dawn Armor and Bow

(Photo: Capcom)

Starting tomorrow, February 28, Monster Hunter World players will have an opportunity to unlock some special armor and gear inspired by Horizon: Zero Dawn. Actually, to be frank, this armor will straight up turn you into Aloy, the protagonist of Horizon, and you'll even get to use her bow! The special event will be running until March 15, so you'll have plenty of time to rank up and get through the quest.

Today on the PlayStation Blog, Monster Hunter World producer Ryozo Tsujimoto, outlined exactly what you need to do in order to unlock this very special armor and weapon. Tsujimoto-san also confirmed that events will run in cycles, so you'll get a chance to do this again later if you miss the event this time, and likewise, players who missed out on the Horizon themed Palico equipment will get another chance to grab it. Now then, onto the task at hand!

"In this brand new collaboration event quest, you receive a request from the Nora Tribe chief to hunt down a giant Anjanath in the Ancient Forest," Tsujimoto-san explains. "This Anjanath is at a scale that many players will have never before encountered, and your typical attacks may not reach its height. We hope hunters will take on this challenge and enjoy a fresh new experience." As a primary bow user, this suits me just fine. I have a feeling that I'm about to see many more bow users in the coming days.

Completing the quest will award players the "Nora Brave Trophy" item, which you'll need in order to gain access to the Aloy armor and bow crafting trees.


"You cannot mix and match the full armor set with other pieces of gear, but unlike cosmetic armor sets, there are skills tied to the set that can also be upgraded. For example, the Aloy set has the Marathon Runner skill which fits the character Aloy’s image perfectly. This is a very effective and useful armor set. It’s important to note that this set is not exclusive to female hunters! If you’re playing as a male hunter, equipping the Aloy set will also change your appearance to Aloy."

It's noted in the blog that you will have to be at least Hunter Rank 11 to take on these quests, and you'll very likely have to run through it multiple times in order to get everything you need to craft the armor and bow. As Monster Hunter players, that should not surprise you. Good luck, hunters!