Monster Hunter World Update Fixes Save Data Issues

Capcom delivered a Monster Hunter World update this week in an effort to resolve some of the issues with saved data that players have been encountering since the Iceborne expansion went live. Players were frequently logging on to try out the new content only to find that their previous saves weren't working, a serious dampener to anyone who was excited about the expansion. Capcom acknowledged the issues as they were reported and made good on the promise of a fix with the recent update.

It was around a week ago that players first began reporting issues with their save data in Monster Hunter World just after the Iceborne expansion went live. Capcom said it was "aware of performance issues" at the time though didn't specify what was being investigated.

Another tweet shared days later said the issues were ongoing and they had and update planned for a release within the next few days. That patch has now arrived with its notes detailed in the Steam forums.

The two notes below summarized the bug fix and how the save data issue affected players.

Summary of Bug Fix

  • The patch fixes an issue where the save data would not properly convert to the new file format if the player save data and the game hasn't been updated post Kulve Taroth Update launch on October 30, 2018 (UTC 23:00).
  • For those with save data timestamped before October 30, 2018 (UTC 23:00), any customization done to the key configuration will be reset to its default value after applying the new patch.

Other notes were also included in the patch to detail other improvements for Monster Hunter World. This patch should also "improve (lower) CPU utilization during active gameplay," according to Capcom.

The PC update for Monster Hunter World is now live to resolve players issues with their save data.