Monster Hunter World Will Have Plenty Of Post-Release Support

Following the debut of Monster Hunter World at the Electronic Entertainment Expo a couple of weeks [...]


Following the debut of Monster Hunter World at the Electronic Entertainment Expo a couple of weeks back, fans have been excited like crazy for the forthcoming title. And it sounds like they'll have a lot more to get excited about after the game's release as well.

Speaking with VG247, the game's producer, Ryozo Tsujimoto, explained that there will be a lot of post-release content for players to look forward to following its release early next year. And that means content aplenty!

Tsujimoto noted the following:

"Well, as you know Monster Hunter has a long tradition of being really generous with our post-launch roll-out in terms of updating the roster of quests that are available and we plan to keep that same system here.

So after the game releases we're going to have a roll-out of time-limited event quests for you to join and bringing out more content for players to enjoy online as the game rolls on – so yeah, you can look forward to lots of post-launch excitement."

The game's "Westernized" approach also suits it better, he explained. "Everything kind of flows from the concept we have from the title. We don't make changes at random, and we don't just decide 'let's make it easier' and then pick things to change."

But it won't be too "Westernized". "We're not taking things that people in the West hate and fixing them to make Western players buy it. People sometimes make that assumption, or they've got that fear, but that's not the case at all," noted executive director Kaname Fujioka, speaking with IGN.

There's also a crucial change when it comes to how you can drink your potion, according to game director Yuya Tokuda. "It's just that now the monsters can be anywhere near you and there's no loading barrier to hide behind. You can't jump out of the area by one pixel and suddenly be safe and have time to do your animation – you have to be ready to face the monster. It's almost like the pace is much quicker."

Monster Hunter World will release in early 2018 for Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4.