Mortal Kombat 11 Is Adding Team Raids

NetherRealm Studios made good on its promise to reveal a new Mortal Kombat 11 mode on Wednesday by [...]

NetherRealm Studios made good on its promise to reveal a new Mortal Kombat 11 mode on Wednesday by unveiling Team Raids as part of its latest Kombat Kast. This mode puts a new spin on Mortal Kombat fights by teaming players up with one another against tough bosses with various challenges thrown in that'll make the tasks easier assuming every player is on the same page. Complete these challenging fights using the buffs and you'll earn rewards for whatever character you're playing as.

The concept might be a bit hard to visualize in Mortal Kombat since raids aren't something you'd normally expect to find in a co-op game, but the stream thankfully had a video demonstration of the Team Raids in action to show how the mode worked. After loading into a Tower and seeing your opponent, you'll notice that a list of modifiers are present to show how the fight will change over the course of a raid. Modifiers like an aura that damages those nearby and other effects will be found during a battle. These modifiers activate at different health thresholds.

Players get their own buffs to counter these effects the enemy combatants have, but only if they complete select challenges. Another clip from the stream showed how those challenges work and what types of things players will have to do. Landing an amplified special move was one mission players were tasked with while others were simpler like the challenge to crouch five times within a certain timeframe.

You'll see next to the challenge an indicator which shows which of your teammates has yet to complete the challenge, so you'll know who's not pulling their weight if your team ends up missing out on a buff. Rewards players will get for completing these challenges include things like armor for each of the fighters. The devs said during the stream that the challenges will be easy enough to complete.

You'll notice that each player's health is tracked in the top-left corner so that you can also see how the other players' fights are going. The teams have a pool of lives that are shared, so again, you'll know when someone's bringing your team down.

A screen at the end of the match will show you how each player did. Once you complete the challenge, you'll get rewards for the fighter you picked.

The full stream can be seen here where other features like third Variations for fighters were also discussed. No release date has been provided for the Team Raids, but they're coming in a later update.