MrBeast Reveals Downsides of Being Famous

MrBeast has revealed the downside of his immense fame. MrBeast is arguably one of the most influential people out there right now and he isn't an athlete, a movie star, musician, or any other "traditional" celebrity. He's just some guy who got really big on YouTube after grinding for years and trying to figure out what works and what doesn't. He has become the single most subscribed individual YouTuber on the planet and has leveraged that to make some truly absurd content. He takes a lot of the revenue from his videos and pours it back into the business, allowing him to do extravagant games, do charitable acts, and much more.

With that said, the fame and success has a downside too. MrBeast did a podcast with YouTubers Colin and Samir (via Dexerto) and got pretty open about his career. He noted he can no longer go into large crowds or do otherwise ordinary public activities anymore. He specifically noted that he can't go to the movie theater anymore without buying out the entire theater otherwise people will film him while he's trying to enjoy the movie. Given he's known for also having large sums of money, he has had break-ins, which resulted in him hiring security for himself at all times. He also stated he has to be "always on", because people are constantly filming him. Despite noting these downsides, MrBeast noted he knows he doesn't have to do this and isn't taking the success for granted.

MrBeast was recently invited to also come work out with Arnold Schwarzenegger after the Hollywood legend saw the YouTuber's fitness journey. He noted that MrBeast was doing a lot to inspire others and encouraged him to keep doing so. Whether or not that will turn into a piece of content in the future remains to be seen, but given how MrBeast has major YouTuber brain, it's hard to imagine he won't capitalize on it in some capacity.

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