MrBeast Hides $100,000 Worth of Gift Cards in Popular Minecraft Server

Popular YouTuber MrBeast is back once again with another massive giveaway, but the newest one [...]

Popular YouTuber MrBeast is back once again with another massive giveaway, but the newest one might be his most unique so far. Rather than giving out some goods in the real-world, MrBeast is this time turning to the beloved video game Minecraft and is giving prospective players the chance to win gift cards to select retailers and restaurants.

MrBeast announced the contest earlier today on social media where he outlined what players need to do to chase these rewards. The gift cards have been stashed away in Minecraft's DreamSM, which is a popular, private multiplayer server that is frequently utilized by a number of influencers who stream the game. MrBeast outlined the first way to get a hint as to where these gift cards are stashed is by killing another player in the game's world. From this point, Karl Jacobs, who is one of the members of MrBeast's crew, will then send players a DM containing a hint.

The only downside of this giveaway is that, well, it's now over. Streamer Tubbo was the first to find the hidden location of the gift cards within mere hours of this event going live. The plus side is that half of the $100,000 reward being given away will go to viewers who may have tuned in. For now, it sounds as though Tubbo will be giving out these cards to his audience in an upcoming stream.

As for the gift cards specifically, MrBeast outlined they contain $10,000 rewards to places like GameStop, Best Buy, Taco Bell, Amazon, and IKEA. Additional $5,000 cards are then tied to KFC, Walmart, Apple, and Target to name a few. Lastly, a handful of $1,000 gift cards are then available for the Nintendo eShop, PlayStation Store, and eBay.

It remains to be seen what type of giveaway MrBeast will do next, but one thing is for certain -- it will likely be over-the-top. Within the past month alone, the content creator has awarded someone with an all-new home in addition to starting a nationwide restaurant chain.

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