Multiple Marvel Video Games Confirmed by EA

Multiple Marvel video games are in the works at EA. Following the immense success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel has been trying to create a version of such a thing in its games. A lot of the games that have already been released or are in the works aren't necessarily interconnected like the MCU, but they move beyond the mid-tier budget movie tie-in games that developers were pumping out on a regular basis a decade ago. Marvel has realized that people will support premium games based on its characters and has seen tons of critical and commercial success by letting Insomniac Games go wild with Spider-Man. 

Although Insomniac Games has also been given the keys to play with Wolverine, Marvel is letting other developers and publishers play in its sandbox. Following rumors from over the summer, EA confirmed today that its EA Motive studio was working on a new Iron Man game. As of right now, it's believed to still be years away from releasing, but it's exciting to know it's coming. However, that's not the only thing EA is working on. EA confirmed that the Iron Man game is in pre-production and is one of "several" Marvel video games that it's working on. Sadly, the publisher didn't say what other heroes it's working on, but it seems like there are no shortage of upcoming Marvel games. Of course, it's already been rumored that a Seattle-based EA team is working on a new Black Panther game, so it's possible that's one of the games.

Skydance New Media, a team completely unrelated from EA, is also working on a new Captain America and Black Panther game set during World War II. It's likely that EA's rumored Black Panther game would be unrelated, but if not, it could feature T'Challa. Skydance's game is confirmed to feature Azzuri, T'Challa's grandfather, as Black Panther meaning it could be passed down. Only time will tell as all of these games are years away from releasing!

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