MultiVersus Tease Reveals Some of Gizmo's Moves

MultiVersus players already know of several characters that are coming to the game in the future, and one of those is Gizmo, the Gremlins protagonist who's been teased and even shown off once or twice already. Though Gizmo isn't going to be releasing at the originally planned time, the fighter is still on the way with yet another preview revealed this week. This time, we got a first look at some of the moves Gizmo will boast in MultiVersus.

Similar to how other fighters were teased between the time they were revealed and the time they were released, the MultiVersus social accounts offered a preview of some of the character's abilities as well as a confirmation of what role they'll fill. Gizmo will be a Support character, the MultiVersus socials confirmed, which puts the fighter in line with others like Reindog and Steven Universe who are the only other two Supports in the game right now.

In addition to that role, we also saw three abilities that Gizmo will use with each of those outlined below.

Hunter's Bow

  • Charge and aim an arrow that applies ignite if fully charged.


  • Leap and attach to the back of allies.

Song of the Mogwai

  • Sing and spawn musical not projectiles and damage nearby enemies.'s naturally not a comprehensive look at what Gizmo can do, but it does give an idea of what the character's supportive playstyle might look like. From those alone, the Gizmo-A-Go-Go move appears to be a core part of Gizmo's kit. How it'll work with other teammates' abilities and whether or not Gizmo can use certain moves while on an ally's back remains to be seen, but those details will most likely be key influences on whether or not Gizmo becomes a popular Support pick or not.

In addition to Gizmo, MultiVersus will also be adding Stripe who's also from Gremlins. Gizmo will be the first of those two added to the game with MultiVersus creators confirming that, like Rick and Morty and unlike Tom and Jerry, these two will be separate fighters.