Nintendo Just Made One of the Best N64 Games Better

One of the best N64 games was secretly improved with the new Nintendo Switch Online update.

Nintendo quietly released a new version of the Nintendo Switch Online N64 app yesterday by issuing a new update to the application. In the process, one of the best N64 games available via Nintendo Switch Online just got better. As you may know, a variety of N64 games are available via Nintendo Switch Online, which means a variety of the best-ever Nintendo games are available via Nintendo Switch Online. For example, GoldenEye 007 is available via Nintendo Switch Online. Not only is it one of 1997's best games, but it is one of the best N64 games. In fact, you could make the case it's one of the best games ever made, across any platform. Unfortunately, it's Nintendo Switch port is underwhelming thanks to a litter of problems and shortcomings. Some of these have been fixed or improved with the latest Nintendo Switch Online N64 app update though. 

More specifically, the texturing of the game has improved. For example, the texture tiling on Dam has been fixed. Meanwhile, the dark textures on Bunker have also been fixed. Unfortunately, many things are still broken and some are claiming that the update actually made the game's audio quality worse. If this is true, it would negate some of the improvements made with the update. 

As for what's still broken or insufficient, there's a lot. For example, smoke is still broken on some maps. Caverns is still running at a locked 15 FPS. Yes, 15 FPS. Exploded objects are also still too dark, as is Runaway Plane. Street Buildings are still wrong affected by the fog as well. Added to this list is the fact that muzzle flash is still too dim on the AR33 and RCP-90.  There's a lot more, but you get the point. The update has improved the game, but there's still a ton more work that needs to be done to the 1997 game on Nintendo Switch. 

As for why Nintendo has not spotlighted the improvements to the game with the Nintendo Switch Online N64 app update, we don't know, but it may have something to do with the fact that the game still needs work, so spotlighting these improvements may simply just highlight this fact that Nintendo rather everyone forget about. Whatever the case, if it does say anything in any official capacity about the various improvements, we will update the story accordingly.