Naughty Dog Confirms Next Game Is Already In Development Amidst Hiring Spree

It’s a very busy time over at Naughty Dog. Not only did the beloved PlayStation studio just [...]

It's a very busy time over at Naughty Dog. Not only did the beloved PlayStation studio just release The Last of Us Part II a little over six months ago, but it has also been working on turning that franchise into a TV series at HBO. Now, we have confirmation that the developer is even busier than we thought as it is gearing up to create its next game.

Naughty Dog announced this past week that it is looking to hire for a vast number of positions that are available at the company right now. These roles are spread across the production, art, animation, and IT departments of the studio indicating that they need a little bit of help everywhere. As for what these new hires could be related to specifically, it seems to be tied to the next game that the studio is working on.

Neil Druckmann, the Co-President of Naughty Dog, shared the job listings on his Twitter account recently and implored those interested to throw in an application. "We're making something very cool!" Druckmann said without giving anything away. He ended his tweet with a zipper mouth emoji clearly indicating that he's trying to keep this project under wraps for the moment.

Naughty Dog as a whole has been going through a variety of staff changes since releasing The Last of Us Part II. Not only has Druckmann himself recently been promoted to the aforementioned position of Co-President, but a number of other notable moves have also been taking place. Some of these maneuvers have even seen previous staff members stepping into new directorial roles with the studio.

It remains to be seen what Naughty Dog has cooking up next but the general consensus is that it could be tied to multiplayer. Previously, The Last of Us Part II was supposed to once again contain the Factions multiplayer mode that was seen in the original game, but this plan was scrapped after the studio said that its vision for the project grew. Druckmann himself may have even teased toward the end of 2020 that the wait for this multiplayer title will be "worth it."

At this moment, all we know with a fair amount of confidence is that whatever Naughty Dog ends up making next will surely be released on PlayStation 5. Until we learn more, you can keep up with all of our future coverage of the developer right here.

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