Need for Speed Unbound Volume 2 Update Announced, First Details Revealed

Need for Speed: Unbound is getting a pretty sizable update soon with Electronic Arts and Criterion Games announcing this week plans for Need for Speed Unbound – Volume 2. That's not a sequel despite what its numbered name might suggest, but it's still going to have plenty of content for players to peruse, content like more challenges, events, and, of course, new cars for players to acquire. All of that and more is scheduled to come to the game on March 21st when Need for Speed Unbound – Volume 2 releases for all platforms as a free update.

Some of these new rewards include a custom Lotus Emira Balmain Edition which can be earned by completing different playlists events once the update drops. For those who are subscribed to EA Play, you'll get a Nissan Fairlady ZG 1971 which unsubscribed people won't have access to. There's also another vehicle coming that's so far being kept under wraps, though EA is referring to it as "The Ultimate Luxury" right now and is hyping it up as something players apparently won't want to miss.

"You're looking at the world's fastest leather armchair!" a preview of this mysterious new vehicle teased. "Perfect your driving in the new Hot Laps found across the city and tour Lakeshore in the ultimate luxury. To make money, you gotta look the part."

A total of 40 daily challenges and 15 general challenges will be added to the game along with new Endurance, Rumble, and Race playlists along with refreshes of the existing playlists in the game. Outside of the tip-top rewards of vehicles earned by completing playlists, players can also earn new poses, driving effects, and other customizations as part of the update.

If you're tired of searching through Need for Speed: Unbound for collectibles and such on your own, you can skip the search by buying a new DLC that reveals the locations of 260 different collectibles, too. It's aptly called "Keys to the Map," and it'll cost $4.99.

Need for Speed: Unbound's new Volume 2 update drops on March 21st.