Netflix Reveals New Cuphead Show Clip, Announces King Dice Actor

Netflix shared a new look at its upcoming series The Cuphead Show! on Friday during its Geeked [...]

Netflix shared a new look at its upcoming series The Cuphead Show! on Friday during its Geeked Week festivities to present to Cuphead fans their first clip from the new show. This first clip, however, didn't feature Cuphead nor Mugman themselves but instead featured another key character from the Cuphead game: King Dice. We also learned from the Geeked Week presentation that actor Wayne Brady will be voicing the dice-headed antagonist.

The clip from The Cuphead Show! can be seen below courtesy of Netflix's Geeked Week announcements. The TV series adaptation of the Cuphead game was one of the main productions touted during this day of Netflix news with much of Friday focused on Netflix's adaptations of different gaming properties. The clip featured Brady himself confirming his involvement in the show before introducing King Dice and the first clip showing off the tone of The Cuphead Show! and his character.

From seeing The Cuphead Show! in action now, it should look pretty close to what Cuphead fans were expecting from it given that the game already had roots in cartoons. The Cuphead game's art style was modeled after that of cartoons from the 1930s such as works created by Fleischer Studios, so the transition back to a TV series from a game seemed like it'd be a pretty natural one.

We've seen different previews of The Cuphead Show! in the past, but most of those dealt with artwork from the show and didn't actually feature clips like this one above. We've also seen some casting decisions confirmed beyond Brady's involvement with Tru Valentino playing Cuphead and Frank Todaro on board to play Mugman.

Netflix's preview of the series only offered a bit more information about the plot of The Cuphead Show!, but it won't be quite as informative if you're already familiar with the game.

"Follow the misadventures of the impulsive Cuphead and his cautious but persuadable brother Mugman in this animated series based on the hit video game," Netflix said about the show.

Other works confirmed for appearances during the Friday episode of Geeked Week include the League of Legends series Arcane, The Witcher, and a live-action Resident Evil adaptation coming to Netflix, too.