Netflix's 'The Witcher' Ciri Casting Rumors Spark Polish Fans to Fight Back

A recent leak sparked a rumor that Netflix's The Witcher series was looking to cast a woman of colour as the role for Ciri. Since then, the showrunner herself took a temporary leave of absence from Twitter and a conflicting report has emerged stating that the casting call is sticking true to the source material.

Though variants from source material is nothing new, fans of The Witcher novels - which is what the series is based upon - instantly took up arms against the show over the rumors. Many called for a ban of the show, while others simply voiced their displeasure. Though the books do mention one line regarding her "pale skin" and ashen hair, other fans are just excited to see Ciri come to life in another medium.

Unlike previous casting deviations, the source material in question here comes from Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski and the wild success of his tale - in no small part due to CD Projekt RED's video game adaptation - has become a creative mark of pride. Because of this many native Polish gamers are speaking out about the alleged casting direction, some even calling it a "molestation" of their culture.

Other criticism took a much less "culturally concerned" tone and instead turned down right hostile. We're not going to share those because the Internet is full of hate already and many of the responses have been deliberate 'troll bait', but the topic of cultural direction is one that has lit a passion in many gamers and one that the showrunner herself has promised to take seriously.

Given her previous promise that they were going to be working closely with the source material in the books themselves, paired with the fact that all major decisions will have the author himself involved, the Netflix series does show a lot of promise.

But for as many people concerned about the potential casting choice, there are others that are just excited to experience this amazing tale in a new way. Rooster Teeth's Alanah Pearce was one of many to make a casual mention of the alleged creative direction from a more neutral standpoint:

What about you? Where do you fall on the reactionary spectrum? Sound off with your dream picks for Ciri and the rest of the cast in the comment section below. There was even a petition, for anyone interested.


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