Netflix Report Reveals Shocking Statistic About Its Games

Netflix's video game division is reportedly struggling to gain traction with its subscribers. Over the last year, Netflix has been working to bring video games to the service as a way to increase engagement and offer new experiences to its users. Although it hasn't had any major games like a Call of Duty or some other notable franchise, it has dabbled in mobile-esque experiences and indie games. It has even made an effort to find ways to create games for some of its most acclaimed TV shows, allowing fans to continue the stories of their favorite shows through a new medium. While it's not exactly Google Stadia or some other service that offers a select library of AAA games, it's an interesting add-on to Netflix.

With that said, it seems that it may be struggling to make much of an impression. According to a report from CNBC using data from analytics company Apptopia, a small fraction of Netflix's users are actually playing the video games on the service. The games have collectively been downloaded 23.3 million times and have a reported average of 1.7 million daily users, less than 1% of the services 221 million subscribers. Netflix has previously spoken about its ambitions for being a key player in the gaming space, even going out of its way to acquire key talent to do so. Of course, it's still early days, but it does show that Netflix will need to do more to gain a wider player base. 

Netflix subscribers' lack of interest in gaming on the service could be chalked up to a number of reasons. It hasn't been advertised terribly well to those who aren't already keeping an eye on the video game space. Netflix is also lacking games that would really draw eyes. If it could compete with the likes of Google Stadia and offer major AAA games through its service, it would be a major win. With Netflix's subscriber count taking a hit this year, getting people interested in its gaming division will be key to competing with streamers like Disney+ and Hulu.

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