New Batman Game Reportedly Set for DC FanDome Reveal

DC fans have been waiting a long time for information on the next Batman game, and it appears that [...]

DC fans have been waiting a long time for information on the next Batman game, and it appears that an end is finally in sight. Previous rumors have suggested that the upcoming game from Warner Bros. Montreal will be revealed at the DC FanDome event scheduled for August 22nd. The rumor seems to be picking up steam, however, with Bloomberg now reporting on the possibility. At this time, further information is unknown. Some rumors have suggested that the project will be a reboot of the Arkham series, rather than a continuation. Given the popularity of the series, however, it seems likely that the Arkham name will live on, in some form!

While Rocksteady Studios has long been associated with the Arkham series, Warner Bros. Montreal has been hinting at a Batman project for some time. The developer previously worked on 2013's Batman: Arkham Origins. If this new game does prove to be a reboot, it would make a lot of sense. Arkham Knight felt like a real conclusion to the story that Rocksteady began with 2009's Arkham Asylum. With the next generation of consoles releasing in the very near future, it seems like the perfect time to reboot the series, while still keeping faithful to the mechanics that first endeared audiences to the series.

In addition to the next project from Warner Bros. Montreal, it seems that a new game from Rocksteady Studios will appear during the event, as well. Rumors suggest that the studio will be shifting focus away from the Arkham series and towards a game based on DC's Suicide Squad property, instead. The team has featured a number of different characters throughout its various incarnations, but Harley Quinn seems to be a safe bet, considering she'll be appearing in the upcoming Suicide Squad film from James Gunn. Quinn was also playable in the DLC for Arkham Knight, as well, so Rocksteady has a bit of history with the character.

DC FanDome is a virtual event in which Warner Bros. will showcase a number of new DC-related projects. As of this writing, the company has been a bit vague on what fans will be able to expect during the broadcast, but it seems likely that trailers for projects such as Doom Patrol and The Batman will debut. Regardless, it seems like DC FanDome could prove to be a big deal for Batman fans!

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