New Fable Game Is Reportedly an MMO

Earlier today, Xbox officially pulled back the curtain on Fable, the next entry in the company's popular RPG franchise. Prior to the show, many had assumed Fable 4 would be revealed, but it appears that the game will actually be a reboot of the series. At this time, additional official information is very limited, but rumors suggest that the game might actually be an MMO. The rumor comes from the Twitter account @CronoTK, which seems to have some reliable inside sources. It should be noted that the account was given a list of games that would be shown off during today's Xbox Games Showcase prior to the show, so this information seems to come from a proven source.

As translated by Google, the above Tweet reads: "And for the greatest happiness of @SireGoupil: a game in the world of FABLE. But in MMO (sorry, not FABLE 4)."

While @CronoTK has been right before, fans should take the rumor with a grain of salt until Microsoft says otherwise. Still, it will be interesting to see what reception will be if the rumor proves true. After all, Fable fans have been waiting nearly a decade for a new entry in the RPG series, and it seems safe to say that those fans weren't looking for an MMO.

Of course, the game's trailer makes it impossible to say for certain what the future will bring. The one-minute teaser hinted at a world where magic and nature co-exist. A fairy flies through a magical forest, only to find her flight brought to a permanent end when she is caught and devoured by a frog. As the narrator points out that not all stories have happy endings, the camera pans up to reveal a kingdom. The trailer ends with the note that the player's story has not yet been written.


For now, Xbox fans will just have to wait and see what Microsoft reveals next! Fable is set to release on Xbox Series X and PC, but no release window has been announced.

Will you be disappointed if the new Fable is an MMO? What did you think of the game's reveal trailer? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter at @Marcdachamp to talk all things gaming!