Despite Teases There's No New 'Metal Gear Solid' In The Works

(Photo: Konami)

After weeks of heavy teasing that there was something new on the Metal Gear Solid horizon to be imminently announced, many got their hopes up that Konami was gearing up to announce either Metal Gear Solid VI or a remake of the first game. But apparently, there's nothing in the Metal Gear Solid pipeline, at least for now.

Earlier this week, Robin Atkin Downes (Kazuhira Miller) and David Hayter (Solid Snake and Naked Snake) hosted a livestream that many Metal Gear fans believed would provide a little insight into what Konami was cooking. But rather, it squashed their hopes and dreams.

Going into the livestream, the pair promised to answer questions from fans. And as you would expect after the two participated in such heavy teasing, fans mostly just asked about the series' future and any announcements coming soon. To these questions, the pair revealed that there's nothing in the works right now, but they hope something will get announced eventually.

"Do we miss working on the series? I do," said Hayter. "Doing Snake was one of the best jobs I ever had, and I had a very good run of games. It is always an adventure to step into a new Metal Gear game, and getting to work with those amazing actors, and with our English voice director Kris Zimmerman. So yeah, I miss it quite a bit."

"Yeah, I would love to work on something, anything with you again," added Downes. "You know, you never know, down the line… Unfortunately, we wanna make it clear, there is nothing right now in the works. We just want to make that clear. But to me, it says- all of the people that have been tweeting, it's exciting to me that people are truly interested in something else, and obviously, I'd be down for it."

Hayter added further:

"Hopefully, there will be things to announce. I don't know how much experience Robin has tweeting to the Metal Gear community, but I have quite a bit. And when he sent me that first message, I was like, 'Oh no, they're gonna explode.' So I do apologize about any misconceptions about new games and what not. I would love to do it. We'll see if Konami is able to make that happen, because they own the property."

It's worth noting that Hayter and Downes could simply be squashing the speculation. And it's not like Konami would allow them to confirm or heavily tease anything beyond cryptic tweets, so if there was something in the works, there's not really anything different they could say.


That said, this likely isn't a misdirection, which means, it may be awhile before we see anything on the Metal Gear Solid front.

Thanks, GamingBolt.