New Pokemon Snap: Musician Creates Nickelback "Photograph" Parody Song

The recent Nintendo Switch release New Pokemon Snap, wherein players take photos of Pokemon just [...]

The recent Nintendo Switch release New Pokemon Snap, wherein players take photos of Pokemon just like in the original, did not just resurrect the Pokemon Snap franchise -- it also seems to have resurrected the classic meme that the "Photograph" song and music video by Nickelback inspired. YouTube musician Il Neige recently shared a parody mashup of the two, bringing New Pokemon Snap and Nickelback together for "LOOK AT THIS POKéSNAP," an admittedly goofy song and video that is actually kind of clever.

The full song, which you can check out embedded above, replaces the photograph in question with an image of Bulbasaur looking particularly disgruntled. The majority of the parody music video goes on to then describe the absolutely wild, and largely true, circumstances of what the video game requests of players through. That includes, but is not limited to, Pidgeot absolutely, 100% grabbing a Magikarp and making off with it to then go and eat it somewhere. It also eventually gets into exactly how that photograph of Bulbasaur was captured. It is exactly what you might expect if you are at all familiar with the video game.

New Pokemon Snap is currently available for the Nintendo Switch. It is currently unclear whether it will receive DLC support in the future, but it certainly seems like the developers have left that possibility open. As for Il Neige, this is far from their first parody video, but it's one of the more popular ones as their most popular is a Disney/Mortal Kombat parody from seven years ago and the New Pokemon Snap one already has over 13,000 views. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the popular sequel to the Nintendo 64 video game right here.

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