Rumored Silent Hill Developer Enters Agreement With Sony

Bloober Team, the rumored developer of the next Silent Hill game, has entered an agreement with Sony. Bloober Team has been working on a number of mind-bending horror games for the last few years. The developer made a name for itself with titles like Layers of Fear before being given the rights to make Blair Witch, a game based on the infamous found-footage horror film. The game didn't directly tie-in with any of the films, but featured the lore and world that has been built upon with each movie. The scale of the developer's games has been building more and more with each game and now, many think they're working on a new Silent Hill.

In 2021, Bloober Team entered a deal with Konami. The deal allowed them the opportunity to work with the acclaimed publisher, but neither party announced what they'd be working on. Rumors suggested that the two would be working on a new Silent Hill, but nothing has been confirmed. Today, ResetEra user Arubedo found a document from April 2022 that discloses an agreement between Bloober Team and Sony. With Sony also rumored to be working on its own Silent Hill game, this stuck out to many as an interesting deal. The deal states "[Bloober Team] has concluded a significant license and distribution agreement with Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC for the distribution of [Bloober Team's] titles in the new distribution systemThe [Bloober Team] will inform about the details, including the release dates, in separate current reports." The document also states that Bloober Team expects this to impact the company's financial earnings in 2022 and subsquent years. 

Some have speculated that this is something related to Sony and Bloober Team making a deal to put the developer's games on PlayStation Plus' new tiered subscription service, while others thinks it is the start of a relationship to make a new Silent Hill game. One sounds far more plausible than the other, but given a new Silent Hill game seemingly leaked yesterday and was taken down with a copyright strike, it's not out of the question. The same leak noted there are multiple Silent Hill games in the works, but no specifics were given.

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