New World Players Discover Mysterious Ghost Ship

New World players have been busy leveling up whatever it is they've been working on long before the game released back when it was available through previews, but most players are still discovering the game's secrets and rarer encounters it hides. For many, that may mean that they haven't yet seen the ghostly ship that floats off the shore of part of the New World map while players are nearby. Players have been sharing their anecdotes of spotting that ship recently with many now making their own trips now to go pay the ship a visit.

The Reddit post below from user lilpixieBA shows what the ghost ship looks like whenever it's spotted. The player was fishing off the coast of Cape Thomas Beach in First Light when they saw the ship. It doesn't do much beside plod along on the water for people to look at, but it's still a neat sight.

Just wanted to share this ghost ship I found while fishing 😅 from newworldgame

While some people said they'd already seen the ship, others commented that this was the first time they'd ever seen it or that they'd seen videos of it but hadn't managed to find it themselves. Others said that they'd seen in-game notes about the ship's existence but weren't sure to believe whether it was real or just an example of some flavor text within the world, but it appears it's the former.

Whether you've seen it or not, the ghost ship certainly isn't new in New World. Back in July, months before the game fully released, players were sharing similar videos that showed the ghost ship in the same area. Many more players have joined since then as indicated by the lofty player numbers New World put up during its launch week, so it's reasonable to imagine now that there are still tons of players who haven't come across the ship yet.

Ghost ships aside, New World's been getting updates frequent enough since its launch to address different problems players pointed out either post-launch or before the game released. After delaying the feature, Amazon Games also released the server transfer function that gives people the opportunity to swap over to a different server if the one they picked initially has become too crowded to play without issue.

New World players will likely continue to find more unique sightings like the ghost ship as they spend more time with the game, so expect to see similar anecdotes shared online as they're recorded.