Rumor: New Xbox One Elite Controller Coming Soon

A little while back, Microsoft introduced the Xbox One Elite controller, a high-grade peripheral [...]

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A little while back, Microsoft introduced the Xbox One Elite controller, a high-grade peripheral that allows you to swap out certain parts for a more customized feel to your games. Despite its $150 price, it's been a big hit with fans. But now, with the company's Gamescom presentation looming, there's word that they could have a new model coming out fairly soon.

Over on Twitter, The Verge writer Tom Warren noted that Microsoft has a new model of its deluxe-priced controller in the works, going under the code name "Washburn." You can see his tweet below.

There has been some talk going around over the past few months regarding a new model of the Xbox One Elite controller being introduced. Back in January, rumors surfaced that a redesign was on the way with a number of improvements, including a built-in rechargeable battery. But Xbox's Mike Ybarra quelled those rumors very quickly after a fan asked him about it, saying on Twitter, "Learned a long time ago not to believe everything I read or hear about. Rumors are just that, rumors."

He has a point and all, but Microsoft has been teasing surprises for its Gamescom presentation, and the "Washburn" could be one of them. The company has been pushing more peripherals onto the market lately including a pair of controllers that were introduced this week and set to ship next month.

Why do we think that a Gamescom "Washburn" reveal will take place? The date. Warren notes that the controller is coming in October, which means that Microsoft will have to reveal it somewhat soon to build the hype for it. So, the next Inside Xbox special seems as good a place as any to show it off.

The company hasn't said a word otherwise, so take this rumor with a grain of salt. Still, if it happens, we're intrigued to see what the "Washburn" holds. Hopefully they'll keep the general Elite design, but introduce a level of customization. It would sure beat hunting for the Gears of War 4 Elite controller that's fetching over $200 on eBay.

We'll let you know what gets revealed during the show next week!