Next 'Apex Legends' Character Release Date Revealed in New Leak

Now that Apex Legends has been on the radar for many gamers since its surprise launch two weeks [...]

Now that Apex Legends has been on the radar for many gamers since its surprise launch two weeks ago, some fans are finding their through the game's files and uncovering what might be on the way. One recent discovery points to when players will see the first new character arrive.

According to Gaming INTEL, some post-launch content was found within Apex Legends. The files point to Octane, who was previously uncovered as a potential new Legend, being released during Week 8. This would place the arrival of the character at some point in the last week of March.

Respawn Entertainment's roadmap for Apex Legends says that players can expect to see the launch of at least one new character per season, so it's not out of the question that we would see Octane arrive next month. That is, of course, if Octane is indeed set to be the first Legend to arrive post-launch.

Week 8 is also looking to play host to a playlist in which a new game mode will be available. Of course, none of this is concrete, and it should be taken with a grain of salt until the developers decide to clue us in on what's to come.

According to an earlier leak, Octane will apparently have a Stimpack, which will likely grant them additional boosts with health regeneration, movement speed, and more.

Then again, all of this could be an elaborate ruse. Maybe Respawn is pulling a fast one on fans and using codenames or even swapping characters in the files. Who knows, we just might see Wattson arrive next month. Purely speculation at this point, but anything is possible.

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