Ninja Calls Out Missing Fortnite Feature: "I Want to Punch Something"

Not only is Tyler "Ninja" Blevins back to streaming on Twitch, but he's back to regularly streaming Fortnite, the game he rose to international prominence alongside and a game that he took a serious break from for a while. That said, while Ninja is enjoying his return to the platform and game that started it all, it doesn't mean he isn't hitting stumbling blocks. In fact, a big issue Ninja has always had with Fortnite is still an issue plaguing his streams, and that's the lack of building sensitivity options for keyboard & mouse players.

"My sensitivity is so f*****g low, I can't do anything," said a frustrated Ninja during a recent stream. "I'm so sick of literally not being able to do what I need to do because I can't do it fast enough... The fact that we don't have building sensitivity blows my mind. The fact that controller players have building sensitivity and mouse and keyboard -- we don't have building sensitivity... I want to punch something. It's so dumb.

Ninja continued:

"It makes no sense. "What if you don't want high sensitivity when you're hip-firing, but you want a little bit of high sensitivity when you're building?"

As you may know, this isn't the first time Ninja has raised this issue and raised these questions, and he's not the only prominent Fortnite player to do so. Many have had this issue and have been asking these questions for a while, including pro players, and for now, Epic Games doesn't have much to say about the reasoning behind the decision. And as a result, there's a substantial division between controller and keyboard & mouse players, and more importantly, it injects the game's competitive scene with a dosage of negativity.

Fortnite is available, for free, via the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Android, and soon it will be available via the PS5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S.

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