Ninja Goes Viral After Flaming Teammates in League of Legends

Tyler "Ninja" Blevins has been getting more and more into League of Legends over the past few months, but it seems as though some of the game's more infamous qualities are starting to be reflected in the popular streamer. In a recent streaming session within the past few days while playing, Blevins ended up losing his cool and gave a rant to two of his in-game teammates that is now starting to go viral.

The brief rant that Blevins went on was directed at two people he was playing with and saw him insulting them with words like "trash", "awful", and "stupid." The point of contention between Blevins and his teammates -- which isn't shown in the clip down below -- seems to have stemmed from a move that Blevins asked them not to make in the game. Clearly, though, the two players ended up doing exactly what the world-renowned Twitch streamer asked them not to do, which led to all three of them dying.

As a whole, Blevins seems to have had a rough go of things lately when it comes to playing League of Legends. In another stream that happened over the weekend, Blevins ended up rage-quitting at one point and ended the stream without notice. The moment occurred after he died three times in the opening 10 minutes of a League of Legends match. After quitting out of the game, he then proceeded to say goodbye to his audience and shut off the stream.

Some have wondered whether or not Blevins' behavior would lead to him getting in trouble from Riot Games, or perhaps get a brief ban altogether from League of Legends. In all likelihood, this probably isn't something that will happen. While Blevins might sound harsh in this clip that has been circulating, nothing that he said or did in the video would lead to him getting banned from the game outright. At the most, he may get a chat restriction for a short period of time, but that would likely be the end of it -- at least for now.

So what do you make of this clip featuring Ninja? And do you regularly get this mad at your teammates in any video games that you play? Share your thoughts with me either down in the comments or over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.