Ninja Wants to Be Involved with Pokemon Go Next

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has been in a trio of big-name games now that he’s been added to Raid: [...]

Tyler "Ninja" Blevins has been in a trio of big-name games now that he's been added to Raid: Shadow Legends following his cameos in Fortnite and Fall Guys, but there's at least one more game he'd like to be involved with in some capacity. Blevins told that, if he had his way, he'd like to be involved with Pokemon Go somehow.

Blevins doesn't really want to be in Pokemon Go in the same way that he was added to the other three games, so don't expect there to be a Ninja Trainer or something like that in Niantic's mobile game. But when he was asked by if he'd checked off every game he wanted to be in following his Raid appearance, Pokemon Go was at the top of his wishlist.

"Pokemon Go, in some way," Blevins said when asked what game he wanted to be involved with. "I would love to just be ... I don't want to be in the game, but if I could somehow be involved and do something with Pokemon Go."

He continued to say that he loved both the game itself and its developer Niantic, and praised the mobile and social aspects of the game that allow him to play with family, friends, and new people while he's on the go. When playing around his home, he's able to enjoy a degree of anonymity by playing with fellow Pokemon Go players who don't recognize him on the spot and are just looking for someone to tackle raids with.

"I drive around through my town, hitting PokeStops," Blevins said. "And people know, because there's a massive amount of PokeStops ... So, in the middle of the night, or in the morning, when I see someone do the same thing, like they'll roll up and they'll be like, 'Yeah, you playing Pokemon Go?' I'm like, 'Yeah.' And they don't know who I am, but they're like, 'Yo, can I add you? Let's raid.' And I was like, 'Sure.' So being able to connect like that as well is really dope."

Showing that his Pokemon Go interests extended beyond meeting people and spinning PokeStops, Blevins mentioned the updates that added and expanded on raids and the continued addition of new Pokemon generations as parts of the game that kept him active in Pokemon Go. He didn't specify how, exactly, he'd like to be involved with Pokemon Go if it's something other than an in-game appearance, but don't be surprised if you see a Ninja x Pokemon Go collab at some point in the future.

On the topic of his Raid: Shadow Legends appearance, Blevins hyped up his character as one that shouldn't be missed since it has unique, impactful abilities and isn't just a skin. He also said that the character's overall design took inspiration from Dark Souls and similar games.