Ninja Says His Raid: Shadow Legends Character is a Top-Tier Champion

Every Raid: Shadow Legends player probably knows by now that Twitch streamer Tyler “Ninja” [...]

Every Raid: Shadow Legends player probably knows by now that Twitch streamer Tyler "Ninja" Blevins is in the game, but nobody has the character just yet since you're required to play for a week before unlocking him. All we've seen is a breakdown of his abilities which tells you a bit about the champion, but based on Blevins' description of the character, he's not one that you should miss out on even if you're not up to speed on streaming culture.

Blevins spoke to about his Raid: Shadow Legends character prior to the start of the Ninja Hunt event in the game. That event live from now until the middle of October, but players must play for seven days first in order to unlock him, so players won't see him firsthand until a few more days have passed. You won't have to wait that long to see the champion in action, however, since Blevins himself will be streaming the game on July 19th.

"So, it's available on the 16th, on July 16th," Blevins said. "And I will be streaming on July 19th, doing like an hour, hour and a half long session, just showing off the character, playing it off. I just want people to enjoy the character."

Raid: Shadow Legends is the latest – not the first – game in which Blevins has made an appearance. He's been in Fortnite and Fall Guys, too, but he said this character's different from those appearances. His cameos in other games were just cosmetic, but in Raid: Shadow Legends, he's a unique champion with his own abilities.

Going by the rarity tier established in the game, the Ninja character is among the best of the best since he's considered a "Legendary" champion. Blevins worked with the developers to craft his in-game persona and made sure that the champion would be strong, but not overpowered.

"We made sure the boys at Raid made sure he's very strong, so he's not overpowered by any means, but I think he's a top Legendary character," Blevins said. "He's going to be up there. And he's going to be a sick, disgusting champion to have in your pool when you're doing raids. So just enjoy it. I just can't wait to show it off."

Blevins would naturally want people to play as his Ninja character, so the hype makes sense, but it also follows that the developers would make the champion a strong one given that this is a high-profile crossover. Because of that and the lengthy timeframe players have to earn the champion, it's probably worth going after to at least have one more option in your champion pool.

Raid: Shadow Legends' Ninja Hunt is live now until October 15th with Blevins planning to show off the character on-stream on July 19th.