Ninja's Raid: Shadow Legends Character Took Inspiration from Games Like Dark Souls

Twitch streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is now in Raid: Shadow Legends, but only for a limited [...]

Twitch streamer Tyler "Ninja" Blevins is now in Raid: Shadow Legends, but only for a limited time. The streamer's likeness was added to the game as a unique character obtained by taking part in the new "Ninja Hunt" event which ends in October to give people plenty of times to collect the character. Speaking to in an interview about his cameo in Raid: Shadow Legends, Blevins said he was able to mold the character's design and stats to his liking and took some inspirations from games like Dark Souls to do so.

Blevins said talks with Raid: Shadow Legends developer Plarium went well from the start with Blevins praising the development team and the way they embraced the memes about the game's ads. After those initial talks, Blevins said the developers wanted him to make the character "exactly the way" he wanted it to be and presented him with options regarding the Ninja character's stats, attributes, and class-based design. Through the guidance of the Plarium team, Blevins created the character seen below.

"They wanted it to be me, and exactly the way that I wanted the character to be," Blevins told "So they basically made me a massive list of all the stats, all the attributes, if he's going to be a tank, mage, range, all that stuff. And they were like, 'Pick what you want.' So, I molded the character with the guidance of them as well, or through the guidance of them."

While Blevins' Ninja character of course looks like him with the streamer's signature blue-haired look, the character also sports a blade and a big bow with those weapons reflected in the abilities outlined above. Blevins said he looked to the Dark Souls series and related games like Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice for inspiration when crafting his avatar.

"I love Dark Souls, I love the entire series," Blevins said. "Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, one of my favorite games ever in that genre. And what I thought of was, there's always those characters, like the ninja or samurai characters with the massive bows, just the big, massive … they're like three times the size. I was like, 'How cool would that be to have my weapon look like that?' So, that's where we got that from."

Knowledge of Dark Souls character design may help you appreciate Blevins' creative decisions, but it's not required for obtaining the character itself. To get Ninja in Raid: Shadow Legends, you have to play the game for seven days between July 16th and October 15th with Ninja awarded on the seventh day.