Nintendo Drops Online Ban Hammer On Switch Hackers

We’ve heard stories about how some hackers are trying to do things with the Nintendo Switch, [...]

Nintendo Switch

We've heard stories about how some hackers are trying to do things with the Nintendo Switch, whether it's getting a Virtual Console service up and running or even working on porting older games to the system. But that doesn't mean Nintendo is standing idly by as they do it.

That's not to say their systems will be wiped clean or anything, but these hackers won't be able to do things online with the Switch. Anything, actually.

The company has begun a new initiative in which it's banning online services to any system that has any sort of hack on it. When users attempt to connect, they'll be served with the error code 2124-4007 followed by this message:

"The use of online services on this console is currently restricted by Nintendo. Please contact Customer Support via the Nintendo Support Website and quote the error code." It also provides a web address to get more information, though the move pretty much speaks for itself.

This means banning hacked systems entirely from the service. Users won't be able to take part in any online gameplay; they can't download games from the eShop; they can't even talk to their friends or post anything. They can still receive the news feed and update apps. But that's pretty much about it.

So can Nintendo do this? Apparently so. Despite some hackers complaining about the ban, the company is well within its rights based on the End User Licensing Agreement that was digitally agreed to by the user upon logging in with the Switch.

This move does block out hackers from taking part in anything online, but there's actually a positive side to this. With Super Smash Bros. and possible Pokemon games on the horizon, the move could be an initiative by Nintendo to keep hackers from ruining the games. That and the potential port of Fortnite that's been rumored could also be safe from hack attacks, in which we've seen on other platforms.

So if you are working on something with your Nintendo Switch that's different, that's totally your call. Just don't expect to get online with it.

The Nintendo Switch is available now.

(Hat tip to Nintendo Everything for the scoop!)