Nintendo Hosting Indies Showcase Tomorrow, Several New Games Coming

Although it's not quite the Nintendo Direct special that a lot of fans were hoping for, Nintendo is airing a special tomorrow that will take a close look at the indie titles, or "Nindies", that will be coming to the Nintendo Switch.


Set to air around 15:00 CET, the special, hosted by Nintendo of Europe, will profile forthcoming indie releases for the system in the months ahead, including some previously announced favorites, along with several new games. You can see the company's tweet below.

The last time that Nintendo hosted a special like this was back in August, when it revealed a number of games that turned out to be hits for the system, including Moonlighter, This War of Mine and Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, which turned out to be one of 2018's best games.

So what will tomorrow bring? It's too soon to tell, but there's a good chance we'll see more of Wargroove in action, along with the forthcoming ToeJam and Earl: Back In the Groove and Untitled Goose Game, which, who knows, just might get a title soon. We'll also see some new reveals, and there's a pretty good chance there are some surprises in store, like Into the Breach, which was revealed and then released the same day for the system, from the creators of FTL. It has since become a favorite amongst the Nintendo community.

We'll keep you informed as to what gets revealed during the special tomorrow. But you may want to set aside some Nintendo eShop credit just in case. You never know what kind of sweet surprises could drop on the indie front.

You can also keep tabs on new indie games that are available for the system through the official Indie Hub for Switch, including games like Desert Child and Everspace. It's a good place to catch up on what you might have missed.

What indie games are you looking forward to on the Nintendo Switch? Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter at @TheDCD!